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Drop Him Like it's Hot

 Earlier this summer, I took Goose to a lesson at a farm where my friend boards. It's an easy drive there, and a few of my friends are interested in trailering in as well so I was hoping it could become a semi-regular thing. I love this trainer, L, who has all her dressage medals, is a badass eventer who has ridden in Rolex in years past, and she has an eye for an "off-breed", with several draft crosses in her program, so there'd be no judgement for the Goober.  From last night. Bareback pad and butt rug because it was under 40 degrees but I was determined to do *something* with him. He was not enthused, clearly. I never ended up writing about that lesson, because Goose promptly went lame after. Not because of what he did in the lesson, just because of the hard ground at home and what I'm guessing is probably some mild arthritis. He had a few weeks off, the summer got hot and we all traveled a bit, and before I knew it it's been six months since my lesson. Wom

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