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March Madness (but not the basketball kind)

March has been what feels like the longest month. Longer than January long. So long that I didn't realize all that happened this month until I sat down to write this post and thought to myself, wait, that happened three weeks ago?  A lot has happened, some of which I won't yet be writing about. In an effort to not get too behind on my blogging however, here we go.  On March 5, I moved into the rental unit attached to my good friend's new house they just closed on. Talk about timing! It sits on over two acres and within the first two weeks I was here we had the majority of that fenced in for the dogs. Their two dogs are my girls' best barn buds, so they are loving having some live-in play pals. This move also means that we're now only fifteen minutes from the barn and I cannot even describe how happy that makes me. Goose is so close that I can now see him all the time without racking up gas bills and miles on my car, which is excellent for spring boot camp much to hi

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