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Scope Results and Winter Rides

In case you missed my last blog, Goose choked two weeks ago now, effectively giving me a heart attack. Luckily he is doing very well and acting like nothing ever happened. Relieved as I am, I wish he seemed at least slightly repentant.

Last Monday, the vet showed up bright and early for an 8am appointment to scope the Goober and check for any hiding internal melanoma that may have caused the choke. Since she was going in there anyway, we also checked for ulcers (someone has been VERY girthy and I wasn't sure if it was because he's feral or ouchy). Because the universe had to have the last laugh, it was under 20 degrees in South Carolina, and we were FREEZING. I absolutely love the farm I board at and wouldn't dream of going anywhere else right now, but damn did I wish we had a barn in that moment, holding onto the freezing twitch, Goose's head propped on my shoulder as the vet maneuvered the frozen scope up his nose and down his never ending esophagus. The distilled w…

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