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The Highs and Lows of Temperatures and Horses

Hi again, it's been forever but we're still here, melting away in the Carolinas.

Since I last posted in July not too much has happened. With vacations, extreme heat, and a busy work schedule, Goose wasn't put in hard work again until September where it was still reaching satanic temperatures but I also signed up to go cross country schooling, so we did our best to get our asses in motion. Part of this was signing up for another lesson with Coti.

We hadn't lessoned since early July due to aforementioned summer happenings, plus trying to pay bills after being financially irresponsible investing in a puppy, new saddle, various travel activities, and furniture for my house this year. At this point I'd decided that if the stars aligned and they were schooling on a weekend I could actually go, I'd do it and that meant catching a lesson beforehand.

The lesson was great, one of those breakthrough lessons I really needed. This whole getting dark early thing sucks though…

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