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Of Nope Ropes and Danger Noodles

*I absolutely HATE blogger right now, it's randomly aligning my text weird and I can't fix it, it's just not working. Pictures are annoying af, I'm not a happy blogger right now so please forgive my formatting issues. I'm going to be dramatic here, and I won't apologize for it. For all of your Carolinians where this is a normal thing to happen to you and your dogs, I commend you for keeping your cool because I was many things Friday night and cool was not one of them. To preface this story, as of this morning Zuzu is acting much more herself, barking at people on the stairs of our building like normal and was much more animated on our walk earlier. She has a hematoma on the side of her face that is still clearly painful when I check on it, but I've lowered her pain med dosage and she seems to be handling it well. Friday, I got out of work a little early to run an errand before the store closed and then headed straight to the barn to enjoy my start to the we…

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