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Cane Creek Trail Ride

Last fall, Goose and I were lucky enough to go on quite a few adventures with Amanda and her baby supermare, Zena. Zena is now just turned six, and her baby brain moments are supported very nicely by Goose's easy going nature on trail.

We've been trying to work out some time to take the horses on an easy-going trail ride, and this Sunday happened to work for both of us. We talked about Anne Springs greenway which has decent horse trails, but they have construction going on and the last two times I've been there, both on foot and on horseback, I've gotten lost on the poorly marked trails. That's not to say I truly got lost in the woods, but there is no clear path so you end up riding in circles for extra hours until finally you make the correct turn. It's pretty frustrating actually, plus they're doing a lot of construction there.

I've hiked a few times at Cane Creek Park which hooks onto the Carolina Thread Trail for a few miles. They also have horse tr…

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