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Goosiversary Year Nine

 Nearly a decade of Goose. Who would have thought my six month resale project would have lasted this long?  Nine years is a long time. I bought him when I was 20, he was eight, and we were both flailing around in life hoping we'd figure it out eventually. Now, at 29 and 17, I'd say we're doing okay.  He has become the most reliable trail horse, having gone from a spooking maniac to an on-the-buckle leader or follower. He'll cross water, bridges, and pony horses who need a helping hand. Thank goodness for his big butt for our friends' baby horses to bounce off of when needed! We had photos taken in the fall, and while I pretty much hate all of them I figured I'll share some anyway. His head can look like such a moose sometimes, but at the right angle he really can be gorgeous.  He is the most perfect boy around my dogs, letting Franny run as close to him as she wants (please, Fran, don't make this a habit) and actively looks around for the dogs when we'r

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